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Photo Services


Real Estate Photos

$330 | Sales Package A

          10-20 photos & B&W Floorplan

$260 | Leasing Package A 

          6-10 photos & 2 photos Virtually Styled

$250 | Sales Photos

          10-20 photos

$180 | Leasing Package B

          6-10 photos & B&W Floorplan

$150 | Leasing Photos

          6-10 photos


Floor Plan

$80  | 2D B&W Floor Plan
$90  | 2D Colour Textured
$100 | 3D Full Colour
$250 | Site Plan

Let your buyers and renters see the overall measurements.  All Floor Plans come with measuements.


Virtual Styling

$80 per photo

Not enough time to get your listing properly staged? Have your property virtually staged at a fee per photo.


Aerial Photos

$250 | 5 Aerial Photos

Giving a birds-eye view of your property and surroundings.  Pindrops can be added to show the location of Train Stations, Schools and Parks in relation to your property. *Conditions apply.

Video Services

$150 | Video Photo Slideshow - Property address, music & agent details.

$450 | 60 Second Video - Walk through of a property.

$600 | 90 Second Video - Walk through of a property. Include nearby landmarks and/or features


3D Tours

$300 | up to 200 sqm

$400 | 201- 400 sqm

$50 per 100sqm over 401sqm

$250 | Matterport Video -  Walk through of a property. **3D Tour required.

3D Tours / Matterport is the most immersive tool we offer, giving your buyers a walk-through of the home without actually being there.


Twilight Photos

$300 | 2 Front and 2 Rear

Perfect for making your listings stand out. This is great to showcase properties with large windows and complex landscaping lighting.


Virtual Twilight

$150 | 1 Front and 1 Rear

An excellent way to help your property listing stand out. Virtual twilights use daytime photos and does not require a separate dusk appointment.

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